When the prodigal daughter returns, best to honour she who has learned her lesson in equal measure to she who has been pious/responsible the entire time.  Celebration should be a celebration of togetherness again.

(Just to clarify any ambiguity, I’m using St. Lucy as an example of someone who was dutiful/pious.  People can become just as drawn to the excesses and abuses of authority. Those who maintain their duty to human decency and stand up to any illegitimate power that serves itself more than the people is considered pious/responsible.)


That which cons…

That which constitutes the highest levels of intellect and intelligence are often on the opposite end of the spectrum than that which gets good grades (and can even be a hindrance to getting better marks, in my opinion.)


Thinking Challange

“It’s another disappointment at the Olympic Games. These Games have beaten me.”

-Brian Joubert, from France, to reporters during the 2010 Olympic Games.

Some people despise and get angry at people who have downfalls like this or take on a defeated attitude · despite the fact such downfalls are human and even when such struggles and personal difficulties don’t affect or hurt anyone.